Generally, those traveling less than 30 minutes are probably commuting within the county, while those traveling 30+ minutes are most likely out-of-county commuters. Driving 15 – 34 minutes is the most typical commute time.  However, a notable shift shows a 29% increase from 2017 to 2022 in people enduring 90+ minute commutes. Recent data reveals 59,432 individuals face this daily hour-and-a-half journey, raising concerns about well-being and infrastructure in San Joaquin County. Examining factors like urbanization and employment is crucial for comprehensive solutions to evolving commuting patterns.

Commute Time Map
Travel Times Graph
Time Intervals Number of Prople
5 to 14 minutes 7,310
15 to 34 minutes 67,029
15 to 34 minutes 120,584
35 to 39 minutes 29,218
60 to 89 minutes 26,726
90 minutes or more 24,221

This table indicates commute times for San Joaquin County residents in 2022 (U.S. Census Data, American Fact Finder).

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