Bus Services

San Joaquin County boasts a robust network of six distinguished bus service providers, ensuring comprehensive coverage for residents and visitors alike. The key players, including San Joaquin RTD, eTrans, Grapeline, Manteca Transit, Blossom Express, and Tracer, collaboratively contribute to the county’s efficient public transportation system. Each provider caters to specific areas within San Joaquin County, seamlessly connecting communities and enhancing accessibility. To empower our passengers, we offer detailed information about routes, schedules, and the latest ridership statistics, ensuring a transparent and informed commuting experience. Embrace the convenience and reliability of our diverse bus services as we strive to make transportation in San Joaquin County a smooth and well-informed journey for all.

Bus System Service Area 2021 Ridership
 San Joaquin RTD Stockton, Lathrop, Intercity 1,416,258
 eTrans Escalon  874
Grapeline Lodi  270,503 (2018 ridership)
 Manteca Transit Manteca 20,556
Blossom Express Ripon 326
 Tracer Tracy 66,231

Regional Importance

Bus interconnectivity promotes a healthy population and economy, which depends on residents’ ability to travel to shops, schools, businesses, and entertainment venues. Not all residents can drive, so the bus system is important for affording opportunities for people to run errands, socialize, and reach farther destinations. For example, RTD runs lines such as Intercity Route #163, that enable riders to travel to Sacramento.

Transit riders can plan their trips and budgets since bus tickets have consistent prices, unlike vehicle repairs and fuel costs. The San Joaquin bus systems’ riders also help reduce congestion and pollution on our county’s roadways.

Each of the county’s bus systems differ in ticket price, service range, and operation times. Want to find out more about using San Joaquin County’s bus systems? Explore the links under the menu.