Commuting Types and Traffic Congestion

Moving people from one place to another demands physical space. In the realm of transportation, the challenge lies in accommodating 69 individuals while navigating the roads via car, bus, or bicycle. Opting for alternatives to personal vehicles or maximizing the occupancy of each car can serve as potent antidotes to the pervasive woe of traffic congestion. By embracing these alternatives, we unlock the potential to liberate valuable physical space on highways, affording commuters a smoother and more spacious journey.

Regional Commutes out of San Joaquin County

More residents travel out of the county than commute to it for work. The most striking figure is that over 72,000 residents commute to work in the Bay Area. As CBPR points out, this is due in part to relatively high paying jobs in the Bay Area and relatively low housing costs in San Joaquin county. Commuting costs alone discourage workers from searching far for part-time or low wage jobs. Similarly, commuting time costs will reduce the compensation higher earners accept for their employment.