Vehicle Ownership Costs

Potential drivers should consider all costs associated with owning a vehicle before purchasing one. They can expect registration, car payments, insurance, gas, and maintenance. Although gas prices vary, these costs must be factored, depending on your car’s mileage:

Miles per Gallon * Household Miles per Year

10,000 15,000 20,000 25,000
15 $370 $560 $750 $930
20 $280 $420 $560 $700
25 $220 $340 $450 $560
30 $190 $280 $370 $470
35 $160 $240 $320 $400

Nevertheless, these costs alone have not prevented people from making drive trips alone. U.S. Census data (2022)  shows:

  • 76.1% of people in San Joaquin County drive alone to work and school
  • 12.2% of people carpool
  • 1.5% of people walk or bike to work or school
  • 1.3% of people take public transportation.

​Car Availability in San Joaquin County

Residents’ access to vehicles has increased increased in recent years. The historical chart marks the percentage of San Joaquin County households that have access to one or more vehicles, and the average number of cars available per household (4 or more vehicles is assumed to equal 4 in that calculation). In 2022, San Joaquin County averaged more than 2 vehicles available per household for the first time in 15 years. Data is from U.S. Census Bureau American Community Survey 5-year and 1-year estimates. Wanted to see more ? Click on the button below.