Delta Economic Sustainability Plan High-Resolution Graphics Archive (January 19, 2012)
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Chapter 3
Figure 8 BDCP Habitat Restoration

Chapter 4
Figure 9 BDCP Alternative Conveyance Measures

Chapter 5
Figure 10 Delta Levees
Figure 11 The Historic Delta
Figure 14 Current Elevations of Delta Land Surface
Figure 15 Urban and Non-Urban Levee Evaluation Programs
Figure 16 All Islands Containing Critical Facilities
Figure 18 The Suddeth et al. Inland Sea

Chapter 6
Figure 19 BDCP Map of Tunnel Conveyance

Chapter 7
Figure 20 FMMP Delta Farmland Coverage
Figure 21 Agricultural Land Cover 2010
Figure 22 Average Revenues Per Acre
Figure 23 Crop Fields with High or Very High Probability of Urbanization
Figure 24 Salinity Observation Stations
Figure 25 BDCP Conservation Zones
Figure 26 BDCP Restoration Opportunity Areas

Chapter 8
Figure 27 Delta Recreation Zones
Figure 28 Delta Recreation Facilities
Figure 29 Delta Tourism Facilities
Figure 30 Delta Market Area and Competing Regions
Figure 33 Recreation Enhancement Strategy Plan
Figure 34 Conceptual Proposal for Walnut Grove/Locke/Delta Meadows Focal Point
Figure 35 Existing Recreation Facilities in the Vicinity of Six-Islands Flood Scenario

Chapter 9
Figure 36 Select Delta Infrastructure
Figure 37 Northern California Megaregion

Chapter 10
Figure 40 Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Legacy Communities
Figure 41 Framework for Project Approval in Unincorporated Sacramento County/Primary Zone
Figure 42 Sacramento River Valley Accessibility
Figure 43 Clarksburg Vision and Opportunity Sites
Figure 44 Walnut Grove and Locke Vision and Opportunity Sites
Figure 45 Walnut Grove Vision and Opportunity Sites
Figure 46 Locke Vision and Opportunity Sites

Appendix D
Figure D1 The Eight Western Islands
Figure D2 Islands With Major Highways
Figure D3 Islands that House the BNSF Railroad
Figure D4 Islands that House Water Supply Pumping Plants and Pipelines
Figure D5 Islands Bordering the Deep-water Ships Canals
Figure D6 Islands Bordering the Principal Paths for Through-Delta Water Conveyance
Figure D7 Islands Housing Natural Gas Production and Storage Facilities and Pipelines
Figure D8 Islands Housing Electric Power Transmission Lines and Substations
Figure D9 Islands Housing Sewage Treatment Plants
Figure D10 Islands Containing Legacy Communities

Appendix G Figure G1 Probability of Long-Run Transition to Truck Crops