Executive Summary

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Table of Contents, Acronyms & Abbreviations, and Glossary of Key Terms
Chapter 1: Introduction
Part One: Background and Context for the Economic Sustainability Plan

Chapter 2: Overview of People and Economy of the Delta
Chapter 3: The Delta Ecosystem and Economic Sustainability
Chapter 4: Review of Key Policies and Planning Processes
Chapter 5: Flood, Earthquake, and Sea-Level Rise Risk Management
Part Two: Analysis of Key Economic Sectors in the Delta

Chapter 6: Framework for Analysis
Chapter 7: Agriculture
Chapter 8: Recreation and Tourism
Chapter 9: Infrastructure
Part Three: Integration and Recommendations

Chapter 10: Legacy Communities
Chapter 11: Integrated Issues for Delta Economic Sustainability
Chapter 12: Recommended Strategies and Action for Economic Sustainability
Principal, Contributing, and Chapter Authors & Researchers, Acknowledgements, and Bibliography

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Appendix A: Review of Economics in Influential Delta Studies (Part One)
Appendix B: Overview of the People and Economy of the Delta (Chapter 2)
Appendix C: Photographs of Delta Levees (Chapter 5)
Appendix D: Other Special Levees (Chapter 5)
Appendix E: Clarification of Some Basic Issues with Regard to Delta Levees (Chapter 5)
Appendix F: Economic Impact Analysis (Part Two)
Appendix G: Crop and Salinity Data (Chapter 7)
Appendix H: Recreation and Tourism (Chapter 8)
Appendix I: Select Delta Recreation Facilities (Chapter 8)
Appendix J: Infrastructure (Chapter 8)
Appendix K: Legacy Communities (Chapter 10)
Appendix L: Local Government Services in the Delta (Part Three)
Appendix M: Emergency Preparedness (Chapter 5)
Appendix N: Preliminary DRMS Phase 2 Draft Sect. 18 and Correspondence (Chapter 5)
Independent Review

Independent Panel Review of the Economic Sustainability Plan for the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta (December 2, 2011)
Response from Delta Protection Commission Chair Michael Machado and Dr. Jeffrey A. Michael, Principal Investigator, Economic Sustainability Plan