Economic Sustainability Plan for the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta

The Center for Business and Policy Research (CBPR) completed the Economic Sustainability Plan for the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. There are three parts of the report. Part One presents critical background and overview information. Part One includes a broad overview of economic and demographic data for the Delta; an assessment of the current state of Delta levees, emergency response, and financial resources available to improve the levees; a very brief review of Delta ecosystem issues, and a review of key laws and land-use plans and how they interact in the Delta. Part Two analyzes specific industry sectors in the Delta, the baseline and trends of these industries, and the expected effects of various policy proposals. Part Three discusses integrative, cross-cutting issues including a chapter that explores the future of Legacy Communities. The final chapter in Part Three concludes the report by presenting a set of recommended strategies and policies to support economic sustainability in the Delta.

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