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This report surveys the economic contribution of agriculture to the San Joaquin County economy, focusing on the fifteen years since the
Center published its last comprehensive review of the sector in 2008. Overall, we find that agriculture remains a critical foundational industry
in San Joaquin County even as the County’s population and urban areas grow. While its foundational contribution is constant, San Joaquin
County agriculture has changed substantially. The most significant developments in San Joaquin County’s agricultural economy in the past
15 years include:

  • Approximately 100,000 acres have shifted out of f eld and vegetable crops and into nut orchards.
  • Agricultural wages have increased much faster than inflation as total agricultural employment has declined.
  • Wineries have rapidly expanded even as wine grape acreage has not as San Joaquin County has expanded the local value-added to its historical strength in cultivating wine grapes.
  • Agriculture supports nearly 35,000 jobs, $4.2 billion in value-added income, and $ 7.8 billion in economic output in San Joaquin County.

Overall, San Joaquin County agriculture supports approximately 10% of the County’s economy.

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