2016 North San Joaquin Valley Index

In 2016, the 2nd Annual State of the North San Joaquin Valley (NSJV) conference was held in Tracy. Building off the City of Tracy’s proximity to the San Francisco Bay Area, the first session of the conference was on the State of the Northern California Megaregion. During the first session, the Bay Area Council Economic Institute discussed their recent report exploring the many rail, road, labor, goods movement, and innovation connections that exist between the Bay Area, the NSJV, the Monterey Bay Area, and the Sacramento Area. In the second session, the team from the NSJV presented the 2017 NSJV Index annual update.

Small Business in the NSJV and the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem was the focus of the third and final session of the conference. Facilitated by Valley Vision, the session reviewed key features of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and discussed how it is being developed in the NSJV through examples of the Huddle Cowork Space and Stockton Impact Corps.

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