2015 North San Joaquin Valley Index

Following the momentum of the NSJV Assessment, Stockton hosted the first State of the North San Joaquin Valley (NSJV) conference in 2015. The first session introduced the inaugural NSJV Index, a key feature of subsequent events. The inaugural version of the Index highlighted the increasing inter-regional integration undergoing in the NSJV. The second session of the conference focused on key transportation infrastructure in the NSJV, including its relationship to regional economic development.

The third session focused on trends in the NSJV’s population growth, migration and commuting, and the implications for regional planning and future infrastructure needs. The fourth, and final, session of the conference explored the role of downtowns in the future economic development of the NSJV with panelists from Modesto and Stockton highlighting their visions and experiences along with experts from across the region.

Download the 2015 North San Joaquin Valley (NSJV) Index here
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