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Socio-Economic Development

The Center for Business and Policy Research (CBPR) conducts a range of socio-economic analyses for organizations and communities in the region. These efforts include providing data and resources to support economic development practitioners as well as providing reports and educational materials to local community-based and non-profit organizations.

The CBPR regularly produces economic research and policy analyses. These examine important economic development topics and their implications for California, Northern California and its regions, and the counties and communities near University of Pacific’s three campuses in Stockton, Sacramento and San Francisco.

Examples of economic briefs and analyses are available here.

The CBPR has undertaken several regional and megaregional analyses to advance awareness of local, regional, and inter-regional change. These include a series of North San Joaquin Valley (NSJV) regional assessments, collaboration with partner organizations in analyses of the Northern California Megaregion, and County level studies.

Examples of regional and megaregional analyses are available here.

The CBPR assists a variety of organizations with social welfare analyses to help advance social justice, including exploratory studies, discussion papers, research briefs, and policy formulation, implementation, and evaluation reports.

Examples of social welfare studies, briefs, papers, and reports are available here.
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