Northern San Joaquin Valley (NSJV) CERF

Open Call for NSJV Informational Resources

The NSJV CERF Data and Research Working Group invites widespread participation identifying existing informational resources that consider the needs and opportunities of the economy, environment, and public health of the NSJV Region, which consists of Merced, San Joaquin, and Stanislaus counties. Some examples of the resources of interest include reports, publications, plans, policies, and strategies. We anticipate geographic coverage of the resource will vary in scope from specific communities, cities, and counties within the NSJV region to broader regional and inter-regional analyses. These informational resources should give particular attention to at least one of the following areas of analysis: Climate & Environment; Economy & Economic Development; Labor Market & Workforce Development; Industry Clusters & Sectors of Comparative Advantage ; Public Health.

These resources on the environmental and socio-economic conditions of the region will be used by the Data and Research Working Group to support the NSJV High Road Transition Collaborative (HRTC) in developing a Strategic Plan for the region. While part of the program requirements in the statewide CERF Planning Phase, this is an unprecedented opportunity for the NSJV Region to share and develop understanding of the region and identify inclusive strategies and investment together. While further information will be incorporated in an ongoing manner, in order to incorporate as many key resources as possible into the Draft Baseline Regional Assessment, we would appreciate your using the link below to describe the resource(s) details of how to obtain a copy (links, emails, phone numbers by May 5th, 2023.

Request for Qualifications

We are also looking for individuals and organizations interested in working with the Data and Research Working Group to compile and summarize the background resources, report them to the NSJV Collaborative, and then revise the Baseline Regional Assessment accordingly. Ideally, interested parties would be actively engaged and familiar with issues related to socio-economic development and/or environmental issues and planning in the NSJV region or similar initiatives. If interested, this opportunity could also involve subsequent development of the NSJV Strategic Plan, which will guide future actions and investments. Please see the request for qualifications (RFQ) if you are interested and respond by 5pm on Friday, April 28, 2023.

Finally, if you are interested in learning more about CERF and our related efforts in the NSJV, see: